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Literature Depot Search Update

January 24, 2019

Dear Grateful Members of Al-Anon,
On January 5th the Literature Depot moved from 1253 Willamette St into Storage.  The building we were in was sold and the new owners are renovating our space for another tenant.
We formed a search committee that has been looking for a new home.  We have looked in West Eugene, Springfield, North Eugene and Downtown.  We have located a place in Downtown at 1240 Charnelton that meets our needs perfectly.  The rent for all these places just about doubles what we have been paying ($453.00 a month). Dan Brown, our former landlord, gave us a screaming deal and rarely raised our rent.
We are excited about the Downtown location – feel free to check it out.  We have written a Letter of Intent to the owners with our offer.  Our ideal is 475 sq ft with 455 sq ft open space and 35 sq ft storage (the old office was 476 sq ft with 21 sq ft storage).  Rent being about $750.00 per month full service.  Full service means that they will pay utilities and upkeep, we will be responsible for janitorial service.  There is ample parking, ADA access, storage, room for meetings, literature sales, two large shared bathrooms and EVI might be close by (in the same office complex but separate).
We will have to do some construction, take down some walls and open up a wall to make a storage closet.  If all goes well we will be looking for a contractor soon. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
We are still negotiating terms. So stay tuned and check website for updates,, go to business (password LaneDistrict6) and look under ‘news’.
At the last District meeting there was a strong group consciences from members and meetings that they represented that we should go ahead with these negotiations.  We are operating on good faith that the membership will financially support this move by continuing and perhaps increasing their donations to District.  If we all contribute a little we can do big things.
“Tradition seven is Gratitude in Action. Al-Anon is supported by members’ financial and service contributions together with the sale of our literature.”
“Abundance – We learn to change out thinking from what we don’t have to an awareness of gratitude for what we do have.  As the idea expands, we continue to give of our time and money, realizing we can never give back all we have been given.  Thinking abundantly allows us to accomplish our primary purpose of reaching out to families and friends of alcoholics.” pg 101 2019-2021 service manual
In Service, The Search Committee

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