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Service is one of Al-Anon’s three legacies and is a vital part of personal recovery.

Service Position Descriptions, which include requirements, are attached District Service Positionsv_Sept2018


Filled Positions (as of July 11, 2021)

District Representative: Jenni H.  d6jennihogan@gmail.com

Alt District Representative : Ree

Treasurer:  Carol B

Secretary:  Scott

Answering Service Coordinator:  Ree  M.

Cooperating with the Professionals Coordinator:  Pat A.

Office Manager:  Lorraine

Literature Coordinator:  Judy D.

Meeting List Coordinator: Kayeri

Breakfast Meeting Co-Coordinators: Martha  & Barry T. Backup?

AA/Al-Anon Liaison: NEEDED

Alateen District Coordinator: NEEDED

Website Coordinator:  George A.  GeorgeArtzer@gmail.com

Institutions Coordinator: NEEDED

Public Outreach Coordinator,  Emily C.

Speaker Coordinator: Dawn B.

Alateen Outreach Coordinator: NEEDED

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