Outreach Materials

These materials are personalized with local district 6 information for you to print and hang around the community. Most of them have our phone number on the tear off fringe, so please remember to cut before hanging:

Step 12 Outreach Challenge

Live Step 12 and participate in outreach with this Bingo board of ideas.

Outreach Service for Current Members

Do you remember how you discovered Al-Anon? Was it from word of mouth, a suggestion from someone in the medical profession, a brochure or poster? However you found us, we’re glad you’re here. My goal as Outreach Coordinator is to expand on the ways and places that people can discover the Al-Anon program, and I know with a strong team, we can reach many people in need.

Each of the three legacies encourages public outreach service work. Step 12 suggests we carry the message of Al-Anon to others. Tradition 11 states that “our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion,” and Concept 4 encourages participation as the key to harmony. Outreach is the key to continuing our primary purpose of helping friends and families of alcoholics.

Please consider joining the District 6 Outreach Committee to bring the message of Al-Anon’s existence to those in need of our support. Here’s a survey to show your interest and/or to submit ideas for outreach projects: https://forms.gle/4Pu5AwXXJGLtDAc47

-Emily C., Outreach Coordinator

Have questions, ideas or celebratory stories related to public outreach? Please email them to Emily C., Outreach Coordinator.

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