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24 Hour Answering Service:  (541) 265-4365

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District 6 Overview

The state of Oregon contains 17 districts which are geographic groupings of Al-Anon meetings.  District 6 serves much of the Lane County area (East of but not including Swisshome) and has approximately 20 weekly meetings.  Districts are the first link from the groups to the World Service Conference. Decisions on holding local functions, doing local outreach, and news will be disseminated to and from the District 6 Al-Anon groups. District meetings are open to all interested Al-Anon members.

NEW WSO Al-Anon Service Manual 2022-2025

Updating Group Information – If your group information needs updating, please remember the changes need to be completed with this Group Records Change Form (GR1) and then email the form to the Eugene District 6 DR at District Representative Email.

The Literature Depot is open Monday and Friday 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, and Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Phone: 541-343-1104. Location: EUGENE FRIENDS CHURCH, 3495 W. 18TH AVE,  EUGENE, OR, side entry door. To arrange another time, please email Lorraine. Literature Depot will close on all legal holidays unless otherwise posted.

District 6 Monthly Business Meeting

Second Sunday of every month 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

One Click Link –
Zoom: ID:  82989012454, Password:  hope  –  (Use 436611 for non-Smart phones)   
Business Meeting Guidelines Draft 3/5/2021


District 6 Outreach

Have questions, ideas, or celebratory stories related to public outreach? Please email them to Emily C., Outreach Coordinator.

Outreach Materials

These materials are personalized with local district 6 information for you to print and hang around the community. Most of them have our phone number on the tear-off fringe, so please remember to cut the fringe before hanging up the poster:

Step 12 Outreach Challenge

Live Step 12 and participate in outreach with this Bingo board of ideas.

Minutes | Agendas | Documents | Elections | Alateen BusinessOutreach | Archive

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