Literature Sales while in Transition

February 2019 

We are beginning to sell literature again, while we continue to secure a new location.  There are 4 easy steps to place an order:

  1. Put the order together, then TEXT it to either phone #  or you can send picture of the order to 541  914-3396   or    541  729-8195.
  2. There are 3 set locations the order can be picked up at: 1 ) District meetings, 2) Al-Anon Breakfast meetings, and 3) Following the Saturday First Step meeting at 4445 Royal Ave. The meeting starts at 9:00 and literature will be available at 10:30. If none of these locations work for you we will make arrangements to meet up with you.
  3. Please have check or cash ready when picking up the order.
  4. We will call you back to let you know the total, and confirm where and when you will be picking it up.

The search committee thanks all of you for your patience during this One-Day-at-a-Time transition.

Since its founding in 1951, Al-Anon Family Groups has published more than 100 books and pamphlets that share a single purpose: to help family and friends recover from the effects of someone else’s drinking. This literature supplements the face-to-face meetings where Al-Anon members share their insights and experiences with each other.  It is only one tool of the Al-Anon program.
Al-Anon literature is most fully understood when used in conjunction with other tools of the program. The books and pamphlets can strengthen your recovery, but they cannot substitute for the help and healing that takes place at Al-Anon meetings in the context of a complete recovery program.

Eugene Literature Depot

The Eugene Literature Depot lost its lease effective January 5, 2019.  Currently, local literature sales have been suspended until at least February while the fellowship considers options, including looking for a new location.  Please check this webpage frequently for the most updated information.

Literature is also available for purchase on Al-Anon’s on-line store.

Click here to view detailed information about each item of Al‑Anon’s Conference Approved Literature.

The Forum Magazine published monthly by Al-Anon’s World Service Office, The Forum is known as “a meeting in your pocket”. The Forum contains many personal stories of inspiration.

Paths to Recovery--Al-Anon's Steps, Tradition... (B-24)Paths to Recovery–Al-Anon’s Steps, Tradition… (B-24)

Paths To Recovery Workbook (P-93)Paths To Recovery Workbook (P-93)

Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses (B-29)Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses (B-29)

Reaching for Personal Freedom: Living the Legacies (P-92) Reaching for Personal Freedom: Living the Legacies (P-92)

Alateen--Hope for Children of Alcoholics (B-3)Alateen–Hope for Children of Alcoholics (B-3)

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